Opening hours

Mon-Fri 11-16

Sat – must be pre-booked



Free entrance for individuals

Visit House of Salmon and get to know the story of how the valuable wild salmon became the basis of a new industry and a quality product that is in demand worldwide. Why and how, you might ask? These are some of the questions we’ll answer in House of Salmon.

Knowledge provides a good platform for dialogue and discussion. House of Salmon offers knowledge based on facts and fun activities regarding various topics about salmon farming. We’ll show you the challenges we work to solve, and present opportunities for the future.


Opening hours

Mon-Fri 11-16.

Saturday: The center is possible to pre book. If you want to visit, please call or send us an e-mail before Friday at 15.00.


Free entrance

Who is the center for?

Everyone is welcome, we have activities for all age groups.

Where are we?

You’ll find us in Alta city centre, Kunnskapsparken (click here for map).


It’s up to you! We suggest that you calculate at least one hour to get the most out of your visit.

Guided tour

A guided tour is free, and has a duration of 30-45 minutes.


For individuals, it is not necessary to book a visit in the center unless you want to visit in Saturday.


Feel free to call or or e-mail us for a custom-made program for groups and/or companies.